The 10 Best Sampler VSTs for Music Producers

There are as many ways to use samples are there are producers. Working with samples can be as simple as dragging and dropping them onto your DAW timeline. But many producers prefer the workflow of dedicated sampler plugins. Sampler VSTs have a lot in common with hardware samplers—but they’re much Read More

Loudness 101: How Mastering Levels Affect Your Sound

Loudness and dynamics are two of the most important concepts in mastering. Mastering ensures your song is loud enough to compete in the marketplace of commercial tracks. And the biggest impact of the mastering process is loudness. It’s seems like there are endless arguments about loudness going on in the pro Read More

Watch: Will Mix Bus Processing Affect My Master?

LANDR’s senior audio engineer Al Isler loves to talk mixing. So we opened up our P.O. box to the LANDR community and asked you to send Al your most burning mix-related questions. Today’s questions: “On my mix-bus I have been doing some mid side eq-ing and I notice how much Read More

Best Multi-Effects Pedal For 2019

Best Overall Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal: Zoom Electric Guitar Multi Effect Pedal (G1X Four) A fantastic all-around pedal that packs all the latest features and functions you would expect in a premium pedal but comes at an affordable price suitable for all musicians. With 70+ effects, 13 amp models, and even Read More

Best Wireless Microphone for 2019

Best Overall Wireless Microphone: NASUM UHF Dual Channel Professional Wireless Microphone System Looking for a powerful, high-quality pair of wireless microphones that don’t break the bank? Check out the NASUM setup that comes with everything you need while maximizing the potential for the highest quality vocal experience you and your Read More

Best Portable PA System For 2019

Best Overall Portable PA System: Knox Dual Speaker and Mixer Kit As a complete set, the Knox PA system guarantees to tick all the boxes for what you’ll be looking for. With a multiple channel mixer built right into the device, two speakers per set, telescopic stands, all the cables Read More

Best Digital Pianos For 2019

Best Overall Digital Piano: LAGRIMA LG-802 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano With a great selection of features, this full-sized 88-key digital piano is packed full of voices, tones, and styles, and prides itself on being able to replicate the most traditional sounds in the highest quality. No matter what level of Read More

Best Modeling Amps For 2019

Best Overall Modeling Amp – Vox Adio Air GT Modelling Combo Amp Small, compact, mighty, and absolutely loaded with features, the Vox Adio has set the bar when it comes to modern-day modeling amps. With all the effects, tones, voices, and software you need for a complete experience, the VOX Read More

Best Tube Amps For 2019

Best Overall Tube Amp: Vox Valvetronix VT20X Modeling Amplifier Vox has always been at the forefront of audio equipment, and this tube amp is no exception. Packed with all the features you could ever need from a tube amp, including a powerful speaker that’s ready for practice and live performances, Read More

Best Power Conditioners For 2019

Best Overall Power Conditioner: PDU Power Strip Power Conditioner (with Protection) If you’re looking for a power conditioner that guarantees to tick all the boxes for what you’re looking for, comes at a great price, and is easily one of the most popular power conditioners available today, you may not Read More

Best Solid State Amps For 2019

Best Overall Solid State Amp: Fender Mustang GT 40 Solid State Guitar Amplifier There’s no denying that Fender is one of the best amplifier and guitar manufacturers in the audio industry right now, and the Mustang GT 40 is a prime example of what they are capable of. This is Read More