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Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings   Looking for the perfect pop song instrumentals to carry your masterpiece into the Billboard Top Charts? If you answered yes to that question, we have got some very good news for you! We have recently teamed up with some of the worlds’ top music producers, and we have …

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Trap Beats - A Lowrider with Hydraulics and Writing

Even though the trap subgenre has developed over the years and blended with other styles of music, trap beats are typically characterized by double or triple time hi-hats, heavy 808 drums, and Lo-Fi bass deep enough to rattle something loose with good speakers. Also, intrinsic to trap music is layered synths that produce a dark, ominous or bleak tone, with a variety of other samples that may

Jammer Review – Wave and Jagger Video Review Plus Jammer Hashtags! No ratings yet.

Wave and Jagger - Jammer

Welcome to our Jammer review! In this post, we will give you information about the artist, in case you don’t know him yet, and we have not only the Wave and Jagger Video, a whole bangers playlist put together of our personal grime favorites! We will also give you a list of SEO optimized Jammer/grime hashtags that you can pull from, which, you are not going to find in too many other places!

Keep reading to meet one of the forefathers of grime, and grab a custom playlist bangers that will knock your head off!

Music and Hashtags – Why Musicians Shouldn’t Trust Hashtag Generators! No ratings yet.

Music Marketing Tips - Hahstags Original Art Character

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Just about everyone uses hashtags nowadays on social media. In fact, with studies online proving that implementing a proper hashtag strategy can boost your organic reach and engagement by as much as 70%, (if not double) hashtags have become a “best practice” for anyone online that cares about …

Recording Rap Vocals – Tips for Getting A Professional Sounding Vocal Recording! No ratings yet.

Recording Rap Vocals - Studio Mic with Headphones and Writing

Without a basic understanding of important factors like microphone positioning, background noises, sibilance, and mouth noises and clicks, (to name a few) the sound quality of your vocal recording could still end up suffering.

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New School BEats - Stars and Stripes Retro Background!

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Hello there! Welcome to our new school beats page! The main purpose of this page is to draw attention to our new school beats playlist and make sure our visitors know that we do have them. We have one of the most extensive and highest quality collections of …

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Old School, Eeats - Colorful Writing Black Background

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Old School Beats – From Run DMC to LL Cool J We Got You Covered! If you are looking for the best old-school beats, you just clicked on the perfect link for that! We have a ton of high-quality beats in our beat store, and a couple here …

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Reggae Beats - Multicolored Lion Art with Title in Writing

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Reggae Beats – Wait till You Hear These! Welcome to our reggae beats page! First and foremost, we wanted you to be aware that we have a playlist put together of high-quality reggae instrumentals put together for you in our beat store. (below) If you want to skip to …

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Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Embed from Getty Images If you were looking for the best collection of high quality east coast beats for your song or album, you just found the best place online to find those! We’ve got a ton of radio ready beats for sale in our beat store! (click expand …

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Rock Instrumentals w Hooks - Guitar Flaming and Rock Clipart

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings Instrumental Rock – Industry Instrumentals with Hooks   What makes a good instrumental rock song anyway? I mean, anyone can throw a rhythm down and drop a catchy melody on it. But the problem is finding a producer that actually has their head in the game… In fact, a …