Skepta Interlude Review with Lyrics, Optimized Hashtags, and Cool Facts! No ratings yet.

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings   Embed from Getty Images   Welcome to our Skepta Interlude Review page! Skepta is another UK grime rapper that many know as one of the best MC’s in the UK to ever grab a mic! Skepta is also a record producer and music video director, and if …

Jammer Review – Wave and Jagger Video Review Plus Jammer Hashtags! No ratings yet.

Wave and Jagger - Jammer

Welcome to our Jammer review! In this post, we will give you information about the artist, in case you don’t know him yet, and we have not only the Wave and Jagger Video, a whole bangers playlist put together of our personal grime favorites! We will also give you a list of SEO optimized Jammer/grime hashtags that you can pull from, which, you are not going to find in too many other places!

Keep reading to meet one of the forefathers of grime, and grab a custom playlist bangers that will knock your head off!

Stormzy Standard Review and Hardest Bangers Playlist! No ratings yet.

Stormzy Review - Original Art Done with the Standard and Shut Up Videos Compliments of Photo Layers

Please Rate Our Instrumentals or Content! Ratings   Stormzy Standard Review and Stormzy Bangers Playlist! Hi there! Welcome to our Stormzy Standard review! In this review, we will be going over some of the main accomplishments and songs by one of our favorite rappers from the UK… Stormzy! If you have never heard of Stormzy …