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Welcome to our Jammer review! In this post, we will give you information about the artist, in case you don’t know him yet, and we have the Wave and Jagger Video for you, as well as a banger, playlist that we put together of our personal grime favorites! We will also give you a list of SEO optimized Jammer hashtags that you can pull from, which, you are not going to find in too many other places, and Jammer’s social media links so you can follow him…

Keep reading to meet one of the forefathers of grime, and grab a custom playlist bangers that will literally knock your head off!


Jammer/Best UK Grime Rappers Playlist


First and foremost, if you don’t know who Jammer is, he is a popular UK grime rapper that most people attribute as being one of the founding fathers of grime. Grime is a UK based genre of hip-hop that formed in the early 2000s that initially evolved from UK Garage music. Over the years, grime has grown into a worldwide favorite for many, and personally, my friends and I agree that they have pretty much an even tie with American rap.

Jammer, also known by many as Jahmek Power is most well known for the time he spent as a member of Boy Better Know, and/or the N.A.S.T.Y Crew, which started out as the 187 Crew, a popular East London trio. Jammer and Chad ‘Ratty’ Stennett are the “originators” behind Lord of the Mics, a popular annual rap battle competition that gets released on DVD and also has worldwide acclaim. Their aim with Lord of the Mics is to “elevate underground UK street culture and the artists within it.

Anyway, Jammer is one of grime’s most active and respected producers and MCs, and if you like his music as much as I think you will, you definitely want to grab the Grime playlist that I’ve embedded above, because I like all the bangers, and you are bound to find some new favorites in there..

Jammer Hashtags


Ok, I would have used the #grime hashtag, but rap was Just a more powerful hashtag. On Twitter and Facebook, you only want to use 2-3 hashtags because they start losing their luster after the 2nd one.

So anyway, here are your Jammer hashtags:

#Jammer #UK #rap

Jammer Hashtags for Instagram


I also tested and picked some Jammer hashtags for IorInstagram. The reason I did this, is because Instagram is a little different than most social media platforms because it lets you use way more hashtags. 9 is the optimal number of hashtags for peak performance on Instagram, so…

Here are your Jammer hashtags for Instagram:

#Jammer #UK #rap #hiphop #music #NowPlaying #share #follow #like

Jammer Review – Final Thoughts


We hope you liked our Jammer review! We don’t want to hold you too long, we just wanted to make you smile, maybe handsome unknowing music lovers a new favorite hip hop artist! If you have questions or comments, use the comment form below, we love to hear from you! You can also click the chat icon to the right of your screen, and chat in real time because someone is usually online! If you have music that you would like to submit for a free review on Def 2 Deffer Music blog,, you can email your info, a brief bio, and your samples or EPK to submissions@def2deffermsuic.com.

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