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Just about everyone uses hashtags nowadays on social media. In fact, with studies online proving that implementing a proper hashtag strategy can boost your organic reach and engagement by as much as 70%, (if not double) hashtags have become a “best practice” for anyone online that cares about their numbers.

Whether you are a giant industry leader, or just starting up the brand of your dreams, you need to know how to use hashtags to your advantage without having them play against you. This is especially true in the music industry, where labels and other music industry professionals may only have a 30-minute lunch break to scout for new talent.

If you keep reading, we will give you a better understanding of current data collection processes being used with hashtag generators, and show you how to copy and paste hashtags could be hindering your marketing efforts, if not completely stopping them: We will  show you the tools we use to find relevant, powerful hashtags that “aim” our content at the correct targets so that you  can get your music discovered much more effectively, and reach the people you want to reach with your posts!
Don't Get Burned

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Music and Hashtags – Don’t Get Burned

Always do your research! I don’t know what you may or may not have heard about yet, but what I know about the online world is that while it’s a commodity that most of us would not want to live without. However, many things are not anywhere near where they want them to be yet. For instance, one of the biggest helpers in the business world since the world wide web was created is “ big data.” Big data, in short, is the ability to extract large datasets of information from people’s online activities, and create organized tables, graphs, and charts out of large datasets of information, for whatever reason you want to use it for.

These capabilities have been giving businesses and marketers priceless insights into their businesses that that help them more effectively make decisions that drive action, forecast problems that can save them tons of money to avoid, and in the end… Could honestly make or break their brand. Not to mention the fact that this info can make businesses substantial amounts of money in some cases.  The problem is, that when you go to get hashtags from a hashtag generator site like many of the popular options that offer the “copy and paste” style hashtags, you can easily tell that subtracting data, at least the way they do it, is fare from getting people the results that they want.


Here, watch… I’l, show you what I mean:


Music and Hashtags - Screenshot of our Hashtags Generators Study
Music and Hashtags – Screenshot of our Hashtags Generators Study

Graduation Hashtag Generator – The Proof Is Right Here!

Take a look at the hashtags in the screenshot above for me… Let’s say I wanted to grab some graduation hashtags to share my pictures after the big day. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Well, there’s a couple of problems. First of all, there are too many hashtags to use without looking spammy and getting blocked from search engine results. )max 15) So, that puts “copying them” and “pasting them” out of the picture if you want the attention. Which would be fine, because you can pick some out, and save some for later if you want… BUT!!! They are also inaccurate…. Now that’s where you drop the ball. Now with that factor thrown in, you don’t even know which ones are good!

For example, graduationmalang? and graduationDistin?? What are those anyway?

Now we’re going to see how good these hashtags test out. Check out this next screenshot of two hashtags we pulled from the graduation list above:


Music and Hashtags - Snapshot of Results from
Music and Hashtags – Snapshot of Results from


Voila! Your Better Off Testing Hashtags On Your Own

As you can see in this screenshot, we tested two of the hashtags from the box above, and the results were not what you would expect. Click the picture to test for yourself. Now, if you were using these hashtags to promote something important, you would be better off just adding some random ones in this case. (And you thought that you were getting help.)

I mean, one of them is 1% popularity. That’s like… Why bother.? I may as well just put my last name in my Twitter box, and see if that boosts my posts. LOL The other one didn’t even register… So it would just be sitting there… Taking up space. Not to mention the fact that you would look spammy, lose followers because of it, and if you just copy and paste the list, then you are dropped from search engines.

So, let me show you what we use to get our hashtags, and then we will give you a briefing on how to implement a proper hashtag strategy!


Music and Hashtags - Snapshot of
Music and Hashtags – Snapshot of and Ritetag to Find the Best Hashtags!

As you can see by the picture above, does a great job at testing hashtags, and while their system not perfect in some way, it’s still better than getting then picked for you by a “graduation hashtag generator.” Besides, gives you influencers, which to marketers, gives an opportunity, when applicable, to get your post out to millions of people if you know what you’re doing. That’s a cool perk!


That being said, you would be playing smart to read over all of the hashtag training on that you will find in the footer (bottom) of their website because the strongest tags aren’t always the best ones.  In the end, if you are in the music business, you are waiting and hustling your whole life for a shot. I doubt seriously that you want to miss it because of a stupid hashtag not being effective!

Now a few words on proper hashtag strategy…

How to Use a Proper Hashtag Strategy

Using a proper hashtag strategy is very important for brands and businesses, or for that matter, as I said in the first paragraph, anyone who cares about their numbers. Using hashtags the wrong way can negatively affect your brand by making you look sloppy, spammy, or even disrespectful if you’re not careful.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path:

  1. Never use campaign hashtags for other reasons just because they are popular
  2. Use hashtags contextually, not bunched all together
  3. Watch how many hashtags you use! (2-3 for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube… 9 for Instagram)
  4. Aim your hashtags (Example: for a new release music promo, I would use #newrelease (65.9%) #musicvideo (71.9%) and #like (for engagement)

A Brief Word On Influencer Marketing

If you want to use influencer marketing, I would tag 2-3 influencers in my musical genre, and immediately send them a private message asking them smeething like, “Forgive me for the intrusion, but I tagged you in a tweet about me new release song entitled, “Song name.” I was wondering… You have a lot of pull, if you like it, would you help me get my song seen by more people.”)

NOTE: I learned about influencer marketing in my Branding and Engagement class, but we really didn’t go in depth. This is where I know my place, and pass the ball, so to speak. Here is someone qualified to teach you the exact science behind influencer marketing for music.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line… You should hand test and choose your hashtags carefully so that you can get your content tagged with the right words that you think your target(s) are going to searching for.  There is currently no substitute for HUMAN interaction in terms of getting information or service in my opinion. Bottom line, now you have proof that you honestly shouldn’t trust machines just yet, especially if your post has important information in it. I normally wouldn’t go out of my way to prove something that could discredit another business, website, brand, or ever person, but in this case, I felt like it was your right to know. So… Select your hashtags carefully and deliberately, and please do end up being our next big star!

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