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Hello there! Welcome to our new school beats page! The main purpose of this page is to draw attention to our new school beats playlist and make sure our visitors know that we do have them. We have one of the most extensive and highest quality collections of instrumentals online, and we are teamed up with some killer producers that keep us stocked full of beats!

What IS New School Anyway?

New schoohip-hopop was the subsequent effect of the first wave of hip-hop music, referred to as old school hip hop, which originated from around 1983 84 when the first music ever released by LL and Run-D.M.C. Cool J took over the airwaves, giving a ton of people that were tired of Cindy Lauper sh** a much-needed break. And honestly, it was a force to be reckoned with… I mean, who the hell wants to listen to Culture Club if Going Back to Cali is bumping?

KRS-One was another vital contributor in the new school hip-hop genre as well. They are from NewYork area like all my friends that call me “E.” “Yo E”… They never say my name LOL. But to be honest, a lot of people agree that new school predominantly from New York City, and while we’ree at it, let’s go ahead and give New York the Golden Era too… Most of it was from up there too…

In my opinion, and from a whole different angle, hip-hop really has no beginning or end… (In the sense that music is ever evolving, anyway). To me, I wouldn’t care anyway except that it’s important to remember that most of hip hop’s characteristics came from its forefathers… I personally could never get off the first ones. Run DMC, Beattie Boys, Public Enemy… LL… All of them. Hip-hop has a history of both mixing and contrasting sharply with just about every genre that it comes in contact with. But since the late 1980s, hip-hop has become more of a backbone in mainstream music, and I don’t think anyone gives a care anymore where it comes from, where it’s headed, or who’s dong it… as long as it stays!


About Our New Scool Beats

Our beats are actually picked out of a network of producers, some of which are signed with major labels and others just have the gift. Occasionally,a song sounds a different quality than the rest of them, so we take them out and don’t add them to the Store.

We have embedded a couple samples below so that you could see what we have to offer very easily.


More About Our New School Beats

So what do you think? Pretty amazing huh? That’s what I said! All of our old-school beats are picked for overall quality, song structure, mixing and mastering, and other factors before they ever hit our store. That makes life easier for the people looking for beats to buy, and it gives us one extra quality to brag about! If you would like to see what else we have in our beat store, all you gotta do is hit the expand button on the side of the play bar at the bottom of the page, and you will see our playlists in a folder. Just click that and then click the genre you want… That’s it!

What Is New School Anyway?

New School Hip Hop is believed to have been around since the early 1980’s when Run DMC and LL Cool J were permeating just about every known media channel. Since then, New Scool Beats have made it through just about every other style of music including funk, disco, and even other subgenres of hip hop. What New Scool is today, is a definition within itself. It is actually more than lyrics and music together… New School, just like other prevalent genres of hip hop are their whole own thing. They are free and unique, and ever-changing!

New School Beats for Sale – Final Thoughts

You should find tons of amazing beats in our beat store, but if you happen to reach a point where you feel that your service3s would be better accommodated by having some custom work done, just contact us so that we can put you in touch with our producers! If you know anyone that this post would benefit, please share and like this post!


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