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Old School Beats – From Run DMC to LL Cool J We Got You Covered!

If you are looking for the best old-school beats, you just clicked on the perfect link for that! We have a ton of high-quality beats in our beat store, and a couple here embedded in the page for you to sample. We also hand select instrumentals every day from our producer network, so our instrumentals are all radio ready hits waiting to happen!

Here are a few samples:

Sample Old School Hip Hop Beats






All of our instrumentals are selected from a network of around 3,000 producers, some of which are multi-gold/platinum selling producers, and some are signed with very well known labels. We are adding new tracks every day, and we will be adding a top producers playlist very soon, and a separate favorites list, for all the beats we think are the best of the best.

What We Look for In A Beat

When we listen to songs, we look for marketability. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and we won’t look bad either. We pick the beats that have good mixing levels, song structure, and overall quality. Bottom line, we wanted to have a curated list of bangers in all genres, and we’ve done that! (Well most of them!)


Old School Beats – Final Thoughts

Our old school hip hop instrumentals should give you a ton of options, but in the case that you can’t find the one for your project, give us a shout out using our contact info below, and we will get you in touch with one of our producer connections. If you want to leave any comments, leave one in the comment section below. You can also use the chat icon to your right, and you might catch us online.


 If you have music or music art and would like to submit it to us for review sen your submissions to submissions@def2deffermsuic.com. If you would like to return back to the homepage, click here.

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