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Looking for the perfect pop song instrumentals to carry your masterpiece into the Billboard Top Charts? If you answered yes to that question, we have got some very good news for you! We have recently teamed up with some of the worlds’ top music producers, and we have got hundreds of instrumental pop beats for sale in our beat store that are ready for the radio!


If you have a second, listen to our samples below and see for yourself… We have them both with and without hooks, all of our beats have been carefully crafted, and handpicked.. So all of our instrumentals sound like they are only missing the vocals, and they could be the next chart topper!


Pop Beats for Sale!


Every one of our pop instrumentals is a meticulously thought out masterpiece. They have all been carefully mastered with the right rhythms, melodies, and changes. They are ready to carry your pop song structure, and properly laid out to effortlessly turn your work into a breathtaking finished product…


Here are a few of the pop songs for sale that you will find in our store… Check them out and tell us what you think in the comment section below if you have time! We are positive you will agree that we have the vest quality pop beats on the planet! (Again, you can access the beat store by clicking the expand icon at the bottom of your screen on the play bar.)



A Quick Word About Music Business


Did you know that most musicians eliminate themselves from music career opportunities because they never find out what it takes to actually be successful. It’s true… Record companies, managers, and other key figures in the music industry are about one thing…


… Business.


Serious artists should make sure to learn the proper steps to take with their music, so that once they get their music to where they want it to be, they can know the appropriate steps to take to make the right moves. We know how much your music means to you, and we can’t wait to see you as our next favorite!.. The bottom line is… There should be no second-guessing when it comes to the quality of your work.


Vocal performers not only have to be ready to go head to head with the world’s finest talent, but they need to stay constantly learning, working, planning, and building just to get everything in place for themselves. Then they have to know how to make the correct moves in the music business, or else  the “right people” that they are trying desperately to get to hear their work out to… Won’t even look at them seriously.


If you are unsure what steps to take to become a successful musician,we recommend the New Artist Model. It was created by Dave Kusek, founder of Berklee Online, and they offer programs like the Music Business Accelerator, (that’s what I’m taking now.)  Getting an understanding of what tools to use, how to use them, and what exact steps to take to grow your business as a musician will give you a bead on what to do with your career in order to make your next moves successful ones. (And they don’t cost a ton of money! I’m paying like $49 a month!)


Pop Song Instrumentals - Pop Art With Sparkles and Writing
Pop Song Instrumentals – Pop Art With Sparkles and Writing


What Makes A Good Pop Song Anyway?


Pop music originated from the US and UK during tin around the mid-1950s. The terms “popular music” and “pop music” often get confused, but popular music actually describes all music that is popular in every genre, so it is a much broader term. While we’re at it, “Pop” and “rock” were also used the same way until the late 1960s when they each started to become more distinctive in their own ways.


Characteristics of Pop Music


Pop music is normally very eclectic and is usually comprised of a mix of other styles like; urban, Latin, dance, rock, and even country.  However, there are certain characteristics that define pop music almost exclusively…


Here are a couple of common characteristics of pop music:


  • Songs are short to mediumlength
  • The songs are written in a basic format (Example: verse-chorus structure)
  • There is generally a common use of melodic tunes, repeated choruses, and hooks
  • Lyrics have a tendency to reflect existing trends


Pop music also tends to encourage dancing or uses dance-based rhythms, and they are normally two and a half to three and a half minutes in length on average. While the beat and the melodies of most pop songs tend to be simple, there is a full variation spectrum in place in recent pop music that can’t be ignored. Many pop songs tend to take on a more classical European tonality, while some are influenced by the blues scale.


For the most part, if you have a song, and you’re not sure if it’s pop or not, you should try our “Mixed Instrumentals” playlist. (below, just click the expand icon on the play bar) That way, you can pick the beats that feel right, and not stick to any certain style. (Which, I think you should do anyway, because it’s natural, and probably the beat belongs with your song.)


Pop Song Instrumentals – Final Thoughts


You may have noticed that pop song instrumentals are far from being all that we carry. We have instrumentals in just about every genre of hip hop. We also carry the rock, reggae, r&b, and electronica instrumentals, and we will be getting more genres and “specialized lists added very soon. In the end, our beat store is just a small part of our plans for Def 2 Deffer Music.


We will eventually have a huge blog for both artists and producers, as well as an entertainment blog so that our visitors can find new favorites, get free promotion, and receive alerts on concerts, events, training, and tons of other topics! If you have any questions or comments, or you would like the assistance of one of our producer contacts to get some custom work done on a project, let us know by using the contact form here so that we can get you hooked up with the perfect producer for your project!



Here are some of our other genres, just in case you want to browse through them. (Still easier to just click the icon…)



Club Instrumentals

New School Beats

Reggae Beats

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