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Reggae Beats – Wait till You Hear These!

Welcome to our reggae beats page! First and foremost, we wanted you to be aware that we have a playlist put together of high-quality reggae instrumentals put together for you in our beat store. (below) If you want to skip to those to see what we’ve got feel free to do so, just hit the expand icon on the play bar at the bottom of your screen. We also have some beats embedded in the page below as examples, just to save time if you are in a rush. Anyway, in this post, we will give a little history of reggae for anyone who may not know, plus give you some reggae hashtags that are optimized for performance, so you can get your posts on social media to get out to more people.


Where Did Reggae Come from Anyway?


Reggae is said to have originated from Jamaica in the 1960s and it is believed that there were a number of physical and cultural stimuli that brought it forth.  The majority of people believe that reggae was the Jamaican style of a mix of traditional mento and American rhythm and blues and jazz music. This article on Miami University’s website says that mentor was the first music discovered and actually recorded from Jamaica, traceable back to the 1950s, which makes perfect sense, but then again that can’t be 100% true, because it has its own distinct signature. As a matter of fact, you can always recognize reggae by the distinct counterpoint between the bass and the downbeat of the drum, and it usually has a distinct offbeat rhythm section too.

Wikipedia suggests that reggae music evolved in stages. First  ‘Rudie Blues’, then ‘Ska’, then ‘Blue Beat’, and last ‘Rock Steady, before finally being referred to as reggae, which apparently was the Jamaicans taking over ska music adding bass to the beats. So who’s story is right? They all are. Reggae was an inevitable fact of life because it’s simply the way people feel around all these stimuli when they are free to express it the way they want with no holding back. So, reggae did have rhythm and blues, jazz, ska, and mento influences, but it also evolved into what it is today, which Rastafarai and anyone else that can see and hear reggae music long enough to see it at face value will tell you is a medicine. 

And here’s why…

This debate article written on the Dredd Library’s website points out that reggae music is believed to be the Jamaican people’s way of fighting the war by letting their feelings out in the music when something is oppressing them. Jamaica has been through a lot. From slavery to fighting, to riots, and other kinds of social unrest and reggae is the Jamaican people’s way of crying out against the oppression, and letting their voice and prayers be heard by the rest of the world…

Reggae Beats – Summary

So, in conclusion, reggae is an evolved mixture of various musical influences and cultural diversity, into a message rich music language that feels amazing. Reggae has long since been regarded as a mood medicine, and it is known for creating good vibes and spreading happiness. I think that the best reggae beats are ones that do just that. Here, check out a few samples I picked out to show you’re and see if you like them!


Sample Reggae Instrumentals

Again, we have more reggae instrumentals for sale in our beat store, just click the expand icon on the play bar at the bottom, and click on the reggae beats playlist!

Here are a few samples:


Our Producers

Our producers are very good at what they do… Some are multi-platinum/gold selling producers who have worked making rap Instrumentals for some of the world’s favorite artists. Some have just been working with music their whole lives, either in their own studio or banging out Club Instrumentals in

local nightclubs or venues. Either way, they are all awesome! But just to make sure, we go through our reggae beats and carefully select the ones to add to our store every day, so you can rest assured that you will always get quality beats from us!

Reggae Beats for Sale – Final Thoughts

I think the good quality reggae instrumentals are the ones that sound like a whole new reggae song that you have never heard before, and most of ours do… As a matter of fact, the first one from the samples above I would grab myself because I hear the perfect harmony for it, but I personally am too old for the spotlight!

Anyway, we hope you find what you are looking for, but in the case that you do not, just use this contact form to get ahold of us, and we will get you with one of our producers for some custom work! Our producers work for very competitive rates, and we have a few favorites, so you can get your project sounding as good as possible!

Please share this post if you know someone that it will help out, and be sure to check out some of our other instrumental genres listed below or in the top menu! Stay Irie!


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