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Welcome to our Skepta Interlude Review page! Skepta is another UK grime rapper that many know as one of the best MC’s in the UK to ever grab a mic! Skepta is also a record producer and music video director, and if you Google his name, you will find that he stays in the news, magazines, and blogs for always being busy making new songs and connections. Skepta is one of our favorite grime MC’s of all time, and he was collaborating with other MC’s in the early 2000s when grime was just surfacing in the UK.


If you feel like hanging out for a minute, we will do a Skepta Interlude review, plus give you SEO optimized Skepta hashtags, go over some of Skepta’s main accomplishments, and give you a free live set download with Skepta, Wiley, JME, Dot Rotten, and abut 3 other MC’s!


First, let’s do this Skepta Interlude review!



Skepta Interlude Review


Yeeeeah! Now THAT.. Is how you make a banger! Coming in right at 146 BPM with hard, real lyrics, and Skepta spitting some heart to heart slugs! LOL That’s wassup! So if you don’t know already, Skepta has a ton of wicked bangers. Some of my personal favorites are The Man and Shutdown,


Here is a Skepta Playlist on iTunes in case you love iTunes like I do! Scroll to the end of the next section  for the YouTube Skepta Paylist!



Skepta Artist Bio and Skepta Bangers Playlist

Skepta teamed up with the rap collaborative Roll Deep, a rap collaborative started by famous grime MC Wiley that is said to have pioneered grime music in the UK.  After that, Skepta moved on to start Boy Better Know, another English grime collective and eventually record label started by Skeota and his brother Jamie, also known by many as JME. (Another faovorite of ours.)


Skepta released a mixtape enttled “Joseph Junior Adenuga” before dropping his debut studio album Greatest Hits in 2007. Both his Greatest Hits album and his second album, Microphone Champion in 2009 were released independantly, but by his third studio album Doin’ It Again in 2011, Skepta, released by  AATW he had grown quite popular,.


Skepta’s fourth studio album, Konnichiwa, was released on six May 2016, and blew up very quickly and ended up winning him the Mercury Prize. Skepta claims to be an activist more than a rapper, which may explain why he is seen almost everywhere you turn lately from Nike ads to 2019 Field Day and back again.


Sketa has had a huge impact on contemporary British popular culture as a whole, and as a major figure and founding father of grime, he is considered by anyone who knows their music (hmm…. hmm.) to be one of tne ot the most important individuals in the UK music scene. What we know about keta is that we love his bangers, we love his vibe, and we hold a special place for him in our hearts and playlists… We will be eagerly awaiting his next move!…


Until then… Here are some SEO optimized Skepta hashtags, and an iTunes Skepta Playlist and a YouTube Skepta playlist, but you have to promise to crank it up! K?


SEO Optimized Skepta Hashtags


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Best Skepta Hashtags (SEO Optimized)

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Skepta Instagram Hashtags


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Skepta Interlude Review Final Thoughts

Skepta was one of my personal favorite Grime rappers of all time. (My name is Eddie, I’m  one of the writers for Def to Deffer Music. )  and it’s partially because everything he says in his lyrics is real, funny, and nearly every lyric is a hook..  I love him to pieces personally Wiley, skepta,  stormzy, lethal Bizzle, 67, just to name a few are some of my favorites I pretty much got the whole staff on them LOL, which is funny because they’re all from America.


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