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Welcome to our trap beats page! First, we’re going to go over some of the main characteristics of a trap beat, just in case any of you are just getting into the genre or just getting into producing for the genre so that you know what to look for in a typical trap beat. If you already know all that, or that information isn’t of any use to you, feel free to skip down to the sample section and play one of the trap beats that we have embedded in this page. We’ve picked a couple of favorites!


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For those of you sticking around, we’ve laid out some sections below describing the exact elements that go into producing a typical trap beat such as; kicks, snares, synthesizers, trap BPM, and so on… Oh… One more thing… if you’re a musician, you won’t want to leave without checking out our music and hashtags post, because it shows some shocking proof about hashtag generators that can make or break your career, especially if you’ve been using copy and paste hashtag sites promote your music on social media!

First, check out these bad boys:

Trap Beat Examples

Here are a couple samples from some of our favorite producers:



What Is A Trap Beat?

Well, trap music originally came from the south. The term “trap” is derived from the drug game. While the lyrics and samples used will vary pretty widely from artist to artist, but the lyrics of trap music generally portray hardship, street life, violence, poverty, and various struggles and toils associated with life In the fast lane. (a.k.a. the cocaine trade.)

In this next section, will share with you what the elements of a properly produced trap beat are so that you can know how to distinguish this subgenre of hip hop from the others when you need to.

The Elements of a Properly Produced Trap Beat

Even though the trap subgenre has developed over the years and blended with other styles of music, trap beats are typically characterized by double or triple time hi-hats, heavy 808 drums, and Lo-Fi bass deep enough to rattle something loose with good speakers. Also, intrinsic to trap music is layered synths that produce a dark, ominous or bleak tone, with a variety of other samples that may get tossed in on the way to produce the sound anticipated by the creator. In addition, in most trap music, you will notice that there are multilayered, melodic synthesizers, with crisp rhythmic snares.

Trap beat producers normally come in on top of the beat with a mix of cinematic strings, woodwind, brass, or keyboards… Or a combination of instruments. The idea is to create a deep, hard-hitting, an energetic vibe that will fit the lyricist like a glove, and knock heads and stir up the emotions of anyone in the listening distance! These elements were said to have been originated by producer Shawty Redd, a well-known producer that works with famous trap rappers such as;  Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz, Chief Keef, Future, and Migos.

Trap BPM

A trap BPM usually ranges from 100 BPM to 176 BPM depending on the mood that the producer is trying to achieve, but as a standard, many of the more typical trap beats stay right around 140 BPM.

Trap Beats – Final Thoughts

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